Tuesday 13 December 2022

Famurewa for Qualitative Senate Representation.....By Isaac Olusesi

Point blank! The people of Osun State have long realized without pretence that Osun East senatorial district has not been well represented in the Senate, with the representation, most negative and detrimental particularly, to the constituents in the senatorial district. The effects have been damaging to the socio-economic development of that axis of the state and the esteem of the constituents get marginalized, making everyone’s sense of alienation intensely pervading, deep and serious. Why? 

The current representation of the senatorial district in the Senate, the National Assembly (NASS) upper chamber, in the last four years does the same thing same way, ostensibly, getting same result, the demonstrable offshoot of the disconnection between the sitting Senator Francis Adenigba Fadahunsi and reflexivity - transitivity- symmetry - connectedness, the logic and mathematics of effective representation.

Hon. Israel Ajibola Famurewa, the consensus Osun East senatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), straight on board, ahead of the February 25 national polls in Nigeria, has just concluded his Meet – The – Constituency (MTC) tours. The MTC seasons that took him to Ife, Ijesa South and Ijesa North federal constituencies, afforded him profoundly rewarding interactions with the party leaderships in the senatorial district. And soonest than soon, he will get off to a good start on electioneering campaigns across the entire 1,290units, 106wards and 10local government council areas and Modakeke Area Office with an average of 10wards per local government to meet with the total constituents, the _collettivita_ that would vote for him.

One inference about the Famurewa MTC tours is that his ultimate election to represent Osun East will change Fadahunsi’s current interjectory on representation in the Senate, the Fadahunsi all-expression of mere emotions-- spurious, extraneous, irrelevant or unwanted. The Fadahunsi negative stereotypes have practically breached the Osun East representation, shielded the constituents from access to him, and fired up misgivings or apprehensions related to his representation in the Senate.

The Famurewa MTC held respectively in Ile-Ife, Ijesa South and Ijesa North federal constituencies that make up Osun East senatorial district was well attended by the party leaderships in the area with Famurewa described as a steady progressive, well equipped for quality and purposeful representation in the Senate. And at every turn of MTC, he passionately appealed to the party's stakeholders, other leaders to reactivate efforts and work very hard to achieve landslide victory for the party at the polls. The party’s leaders’ perceptive on Famurewa implies that he will make good representation, functional to the plot of the senatorial district, pointedly, effective representation that would benefit the people of the district and make the constituents feel valued. 

This writer’s incisive diagnosis of Famurewa, having had him summarized his representational thoughts in the course of my discussions with him, is that he will make the extant negative senatorial representation stereotypes inoperative; break down the existing barriers between the senatorial district and representation, open up access vistas for voices to be heard by him; and make the unfamiliar familiar and the unknown known to make Osun East ‘present’ in his representational thoughts and processes in the Senate when he acts in their best interests. And by such team representation, prejudices, adverse judgement, biases, fear or hate _, parti pris_ will cave in; the Osun East confidence in him, enhanced; and greater trust, galvanized on both sides of the same coin in the instance. 

Famurewa's two - term in the House of Representatives (2011-2019) is marked by high service delivery and sterling representational qualities of legislative dexterity, legislative diligence, parliamentary impulse, and avowed commitment to plenary seasons. His finest virtue is his peace pursuits with all men, “without which no man can see God Almighty,” the Holy Writ’s injunction. All of that rare qualities have continued to attest to his acceptability as Senator, best suitable to represent the Osun East senatorial district of the state. That's the more reason, the Ife, Ijesa South and Ijesa North federal constituencies would rather want to vote him into the Senate.

The Famurewa Meet-The-Constituency (MTC) tours had one commonality. The party leaders in the Osun East senatorial district expressed optimism that the party July governorship election petition at the court will turn out fine, favourable. And almost in the same vein, they bluntly assessed the strength of the state APC with a charge to the party leaders to work extra hard, assiduously, for the victory of the party in the presidential, national and state parliamentary polls. They noted bluntly that the party, state - wide, needed to be reinvigorated in all facets. 

Meaning that APC is consistently both willing and capable of looking after the party larger interests as the party safeguards the progressives’ old- time tested culture of cohesion, unity, discipline, solidarity and interest articulation against diving into any insensate hostility and mutual suspicion. That’s the sociology of the party in the state. The self-disbanded The Osun Progressive (TOP), other factions indicates further that the party has the ability to gum up and shoot down intra conflicts or crises skillfully in a way that decipher skill from charlatanerie, tapping the former and abandoning the latter in order to move the party in shared direction. 

Meanwhile, Famurewa, immediate past chairman of the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) had earlier presented to the party leaders for elderly blessings, the party's other candidates in the senatorial district for elections into the House of Representatives and State House of Assembly. He lauded the dissolution of TOP and asked the now larger Osun APC to show corresponding electoral fortitude in all future elections in the state. 

The MTC interactive season in Ijesa North particularly, promised to be hot from the beginning as it was not to be clicking of glasses as deliberate curses were openly rained, without let on any tendencies to betray the party’s future electoral fortunes from the next election outings in the state just as the elected candidates who are wont to alienate the constituents after victory were not spared of curses.

With the Holy Writs, copiously quoted. 

 *OLUSESI is Deputy Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Stategy, Osun APC* .

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