Tuesday 10 January 2023


The selfish and parochial politics being played by some destructive elements in Osogbo to stop the second term senate ambition of Senator Surajudeen Ajibola Basiru ( SRJ) took a new turn yesterday when one Muniru Raji mobilised hoodlums to disrupt the flag-off of a road reconstruction in the ancient town.

Senator Basiru, it was gathered, in fulfilment of his campaign promises and the popular request of his constituents, had facilitated for reconstruction a network of dilapidated roads around Kabiyesi Ataoja's palace after he had conducted inspection to ascertain the level of work to be undertaken.

And true to the promise of the senator, the contractors engaged to handle the project mobilised to site very early on Monday, 9th January, to begin the facelift.

But to people's surprise, hardly had the contractors began to settle down to work when a detachment of armed policemen came to stop their activities.

The police did not only send the workers on site away, they also descended on the event planners who had come to set up canopies for a planned flag-off ceremony, before whisking them away to detention.

The situation was so unpleasant that Senator Ajibola, APC Leaders in Osun Central and aged market women who had come to witness the epoch-making event had to stay in the scorching sun to conduct the flag-off.

When the incident was later reported at the Oke-baale Police Station, the DPO of the station, it was learnt, confirmed the situation was beyond him as the higher authority was interested in the matter. 

In the evening, when the contractors were encouraged to re-mobilise to site, some boisterous weak-headed lowlifers led by Muniru Raji and Badmus Akeem Gbolagade ( BAG) were visibly around to supervise thugs to attack the innocent workers at the site before carting away their equipment.

When courageous market women, who had come to the scene of the attack, questioned the rationale behind Muniru's resistance to the project that would bring succour to no fewer than three markets, the self-appointed Osogbo progress ambassador said since APC is no longer in power in the state, it is wrong for the serving senator to undertake any project in the area.

According to Muniru, " the outgoing Senator Basiru Ajibola did not obtain the needed approval before embarking on the road project. Our party in the state, led by Governor Ademola Nurudeen Jackson Adeleke, will construct the road for you. In the next two months, the project will begin. Give us some time to get the place fixed for you."

The market women from Iso Eran, Iso Isu and Iso Ewe markets, sensing that they might yet miss the opportunity to have their road reconstructed (road that was last touched 34 years ago), united in their resolve to reject the bad politics Muniru and other sell-outs of Osogbo Interest were animating.

The women insisted that since the PDP Government in the state could not be committed to start the reconstruction immediately, SRJ should be allowed to continue the job since he has proven to be capable to handle it.

That was how it ended yesterday but here are questions begging for answers:

Who is the "higher authority" the DPO at Oke-baale police station said was interested in the stoppage of development project designed by SRJ for his people?

On whose authority were Muniru and Badmus BAG relying when they asked the contractors to provide work approval on the road project? Are they staff of the Ministry of Works?

In whose interest is Muniru setting Osogbo against itself?

Why is Muniru bent on pulling down his kinsman Ajibola Basiru, an erudite scholar, lawyer and senate spokesperson, to give a leverage to a 419 and yahoo-yahoo kingpin from Ila Orangun? 

Who is paying Muniru Raji's bill?

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