Friday 10 March 2023

Iwoye-Ijesa Whirlwind Disaster....Pictures and Voices

For many residents of Iwoye-Ijesa, Oriade local government of Osun state, March 4, 2023, started out like any other Saturday. People attended social functions, ate, drank and danced with friends and family not knowing that the evening would brew catastrophe.

VIDEO: Click on the image to watch

VIDEO: Click on the image to watch

VIDEO: Click on the image to watch

In the evening, at about 5pm an intense whirlwind gashed through the peaceful town, home to more than 10,000 people. Buildings were hit, forcing much destruction and throwing rooftops into the sky, causing widespread damage, thereby, forcing many to be homeless.

In an on-the-spot assessment carried out by Kakakioodua Media Agency, (Our correspondent was conducted round by Prince Wole Oginni), not less than 10 buildings were completely deroofed and 50 more in various degrees of damages, the citizens of Iwoye-Ijesa were devastated, leaving many to search for emergency housing and assistance to rebuild.

Some places visited are the demolished Market Shed, Houses along Odo Church, Apalara House, St Thomas Pry School Fence, the Gbelee House at Odoye,  Baba Olutayo's (Late Loja Itegun's) House, Baba Famurewa's late Oluode and other major places all around the town that were affected.


Coverage/Story/Photographs/Video clips by Oladimeji Lasore (07035105413)


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