Thursday 30 March 2023

Nigerian Graduates Who Rides Okada Builds Noiseless Generator that Doesn't Use Fuel....Watch video

A computer science graduate has invented a noiseless generator that does not require fuel to function.

 The young man who rides okada for a living said it took him 13 years to build and shared why it took that long He needs sponsors to mass produce the generator which is eco-friendly and can carry many appliances at the same time.

Oyekunle Michael, a graduate of computer science from Interlink Polytechnic has invented a noiseless and fuelless generator.

The Oyo state indigene who has some other inventions to his credits said he had over 15 failed attempts before he finally got it right in 2022. 

Michael's invention does not run on fuel.


 In a clip shared on Twitter, the young man who rides okada for a living demonstrated the use of the generator which took him 13 years to create due to financial constraints.


Speaking with exclusively on the generator's power, Michael said it is eco-friendly, easy to use, requires less maintenance and is strong. In his words: 

 "It's very effective just like normal petrol and diesel generator. The one I built now has 900 watts capacity of the 'I Better Pass My Neighbor' gen and can power home appliances like TVs, fan bulbs, depending on size.

 "I can build from 1kva up to 20kva to power a whole building and offices, with help and support." 

What inspired Michael to build a fuelless generator? 

Michael said it all started about 13 years ago when his parents separated. He narrated: 

"It all started 13 years ago. My mum and dad got separated and things becomes hard for me and my mum. She had to send me to Ibadan to stay with my dad's elder brother in a very remote area.


"We trekked miles to go to school. No light, to read, iron clothes, watch movies and all. People that managed to on gen then, trek miles to get fuel. 

"I thought of building a generator that will work without fuel 247 so everyone can have a steady alternative power supply. 

I told my physics teacher about it and he said it's possible if I can build my engine to drive the alternator." 

He set to work afterwards. "I started working on it. I told my guardian and he liked the idea but there weren't funds to assist me in making one as he is a civil servant and a farmer.

 "From my earnings, I finance my ND in computer science and still saved money to build a prototype of the fuelless generator.

 I had over 15 failed experiments before I finally got it right last year 2022, and spent close to 250k to get it done aside from those failed experiments." 

He is now seeking support to mass produce the generator and can do even bigger capacity generators if money is provided. 

Watch the video below: 

VIDEO: Click on the image to watch

Reactions on social media 

@VictorCyriI said: "He said H20,I'm not trying to critique him but scientifically it sounds absurd sha but if it's true then it's awesome." 

@_iamFatai said: "So what does it use…Abi e just Dey bring light from air??"

 @theymian_ said: "Just watch and see how the government will spoil this guy talent. They make money from importing generators."

 @Empress__chizzy said: "Raw talent before you know it,some set of lutabandrus will just come and be claiming I want to help him forgetting the main issues we have at hand with their fake promises just for their selfish interests. May God not bring promise and fail people near us Amen." 


Saint Margaret's Old Girls Association (SMOGA) calling all old girls to make donations

VIDEO: Click on the image to view

VIDEO: Click on the image to view


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