Monday 17 April 2023

Chinese Contractors Fund Terrorist Groups To Gain Access To Nigeria’s Mines – Report

A British national daily, The Times, has accused Chinese contractors in the mining sector of funding terrorist groups in some parts of Nigeria to gain access to the country’s mineral reserves.

The newspaper in an exclusive report published on Saturday, alleged that through bribes and illegal transactions, “Beijing could be indirectly funding terror in Africa’s largest economy”.

According to the newspaper’s report, some Chinese nationals who have worked informally as miners in Zamfara serve as runners for some militant groups in the state and other North-Western parts of the country.

The Times report said, “Chinese companies working in parts of Nigeria where attacks are frequent have been striking security deals with insurgents, The Times has learnt. Attacks on Chinese citizens, of whom there are said to be between 100,000 and 200,000 in Nigeria, have become regular occurrences in recent years amid the country’s many conflicts.

“Research shared with The Times from SBM Intelligence, a Lagos-based analytical group, has revealed videos on social media and WhatsApp of militant leaders boasting that they are so powerful that Chinese workers wishing to operate in their areas must pay them “rent”. They have taken over swathes of northwest Nigeria, turning the region into the country’s bloodiest conflict zone.

“In one pocket of Zamfara, researchers found, interaction with militants runs so deep that some serve as runners for Chinese miners who have spread throughout Nigeria, controlling digs for gold. The country has some of the largest gold reserves in the world.

“Often operating informally in small groups as contractors registered to clearing-house companies, they speak local languages and can stay for years at a time living in remote areas that western companies consider off-limits.”

The newspaper further alleged that Chinese mining contractors, who often pay abysmally low wages to local workers engaged on their fields, often illegally smuggle minerals out of Nigeria and are sometimes arrested by security operatives.

The Times report added, “Chinese mining contractors, who local communities have accused of abuses and paying pitiful wages, often smuggle minerals out of the country illegally and are sometimes arrested.

“In 2020, 27 miners, including 17 said to be Chinese, were arrested in Osun state. Last October a Chinese citizen, Gang Deng, 29, was jailed for five years after being found with 25 tonnes of a mineral thought to be lepidolite, containing lithium, which is used in batteries.

“SBM also found Chinese workers involved in the Boko Haram conflict in Nigeria’s northeast, with a case of a Chinese smuggler being paid to help a jihadist group move metal ore out of the country.”

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