Friday, 21 April 2023

OYETOLA, ADELEKE IN SUPREME COURT _PDP's Allegations Against APC, Court, Criminal_ _Accusations, Untrue, Misleading_ _Frank Risks Jail Term_ By ISAAC OLUSESI

I have always thought that Comrade Timi Frank has a daily routine and cleaning tools within reach, one who tidies up constantly, clears messes, makes his bed, and has home respect, that is, thinking before speaking. But no. His media terrorism, gone hey wire, more often than not, erratic, get hyper active when the chips are down, reflecting opportunistic greed. The former National Publicity Secretary of All Progressives Congress (APC), now in league with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubarka, is an henchman who runs errands and relishes in doing despicable, dishonest, dirty job for his backers 

Last Friday, Frank, up his sleeve, did the base, grim and unclean job that his sponsors who are themselves not free of dirt won't want to do. He attempted, through a publication issued by him and gone viral, aimed at extorting for his PDP agents, a preferred, beneficial judgement of the Supreme Court in the imminent decision on the Osun State election petition between the former Governor Gboyega Oyetola of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Governor Ademola Adeleke of the governing PDP in the state.

The self impressed Frank, not sure if the apex court judgement would favour his PDP paymasters, blackmailed the APC - Oyetola into doing what they never did, never planned to do and won't ever do - through his false information that some distressed, anguished politicians'  frantic action plan to deploy "monetary inducement, coercion and intimidation, using the security agencies to influence the judgement of the Supreme Court," as alleged in his publication, now everywhere. Escalated, massively amassing readers.

With my middle finger upward while keeping the other fingers folded downward, I could just have asked Frank to go to hell or tell his false hearted information to the bird, me, describing the publication as useless and meaningless, meant for the gullible. But the lascivious, groveling and nasty publication specifically stated, "the monetary inducement of $2million per Justice of the Supreme Court is the offer inherent as well as coercion and intimidation, using the state security agencies to greatly influence the judgement of the Supreme Court is in top gear and underway."

That's Frank's extortion through his threats or force of incoherently exaggerated or fabricated story against APC - Oyetola like the story in The Cock and The Bull but huge - ridiculously damaging to the Justices of the Supreme Court. The intention of extortion is to obtain favourable judgement for his PDP. And to cause a sudden social upset and  political convulsion or disruption back in Osun, intended to be the culmination of Frank's personal cum political grievances against the national leadership of APC  And by his  "cog - a - l'ane,"  "roaster - to - jackass,"  the unbelievable, tall tale or story that could turn the wallets of his sponsors on him, _certeris paribus_, he meant seriously to build for himself stupendous fortunes and colossal prosperity from his game of extortion.

But the allegations, lurid, sensational to create harsh effect, coming from Frank, are incorrect, untrue, misleading, and deceptive. He's mendacious, a deceitful and dishonest person, unworthy of trust, saying things that he knows, are not true; and a trickster, who leads another to believe something that is a lie. He is a falsifier, perjurer, fabricator and false story teller; and always on pathological lying, a chronic behavior in him. 

Recall that Frank and co- travelers had, not long ago after the Appeal Court judgement blackmailed Oyetola from engaging in a law occupation of the Supreme Court to reclaim his governorship mandate

Indeed, Frank's weaponising lying - blackmail - extortion puts him at the risk of quick despatch to jail. Blackmail, contained in his publication implies the threat of mis-information and force of mal-information to the Supreme Court with subtle intimidation of the  judiciary in order to extort the highest judicial officials with the intent to gain advantage or obtain favourable court decision for his PDP in the governorship case at the zenith court. 

Frank's blackmail to get the judicial favour, is a crime, a criminal offence and it's punishable under the nation's criminal code. As I write, he ought to have been arrested and made to face a serious criminal charge by the penal code, with a number of years in jail or prison, at least three years and a fine to pay restitution to the victims: the Supreme Court and the APC - Oyetola in the instance, for the substantially fallacious, incorrect information and damages, including psychological trauma caused.

Frank, lanky, ungracefully raw boned, loose jointed and awkward, courts through blackmail and extortion with intent to obtain benign, advantageous Supreme Court decision. But law, its interpretation is neither about agitations, sentiments nor emotions. He ought to know and he knows that his dirty publication, supportive of his PDP - Atiku is a criminal job but he chose to act the bull, went for the job like a bull in a china shop with self image destruction.

Frank wasn't bullied to accept the offer and blackmailed the APC - Oyetola because his cognitive, affective and psycho - motor represented in that order by the head, the heart, and the hands couldn't have failed him. And no single reported case of impaired judgement about him to have his brain rebel with the heart but knowingly, he only followed his whims and did irreparable damages to his self image, self defeated and self destroyed by his diverse spurious allegations against the APC - Oyetola and Supreme Court.

Then the man, in a consequential war within himself must be most rebel figure of recent, who had initial fear and discomfort of the mind - to do or not to do the allegations but chose to rebel and acted the blackmail and extortion outside the box. What about his general target, the war against APC, a war of self frustration and indignation out of financial capsize, made worst by his fear of self separation from the party. And he's afraid of the crowd of the PDP's corrosions, yet he's won't  to break away from PDP - Atiku Abubarka because of the standard juicy promises made to him. In the contex, Frank cannot go for a hero.

He has no strength of his own and he's not honest about his weaknesses.

 _*OLUSESI is Deputy Director, Directorate of Publicity, Research & Strategy All Progressives Congress (APC) Osun State*_

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