Sunday 23 April 2023

Pastor Builds Church On Land He Borrowed From Woman For 3-day Revival

A Nigerian pastor has reportedly been chased out of a church he built on a piece of land that was loaned to him by a woman who’s a member of the congregation.

The woman’s daughter, Ifeoluwa Anthonia narrated how she permitted the clergyman to use the land for three days revival only for her to have loss of memory regarding the land.

She said the man of God went ahead to erect a temporary church building on the same land and kept asking members to pray for God to help them become bonafide owners.

Anthonia said her mother forgot that she gave the land to the pastor, so she had to involve her uncle, who then ensured that they were sent packing from the place.

In her words; “My mum borrowed a pastor a piece of land for 3 days revival. She just suddenly forgot about the land until I was told he has built a temporary church on it and always telling his church members to pray that God should collect the land for them.

The guy that told me even explained that it seems they’ve prayed that my mum should forget the land. I called my mum’s brother immediately, that one no dey hear that kinda matter o, he sent them packing that same week.”

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