Thursday, 20 April 2023

US-based Nigerian woman cries over N50m Building Brother Supervised for Her

A Nigerian US-based woman has returned home only to meet an uncompleted building despite the huge amount of funds sent to her brother to complete the house.

The shattered lady revealed in a video that she was giving her brother funds to buy land in their village and build a house for the family but he failed to do any of them.

She cried bitterly as she narrated how he kept giving excuses when she asked for progress report on the building project.

Her brother told her he could not send photos because he did not have a good phone, so she sent him money to buy one. When she asked him for the proof that work has started, he started stalling again and said that his child spoilt his phone so she gave him money to buy another phone.

After he apparently bought another phone she tried calling him for update for he was refusing to pick her calls.

According to her, the incident happened in November and even the N700,000 she sent to him for foundation of the house, he still squandered it all.

She got so worried that she contacted a friend in Nigeria who sent her father to meet her brother and she found him drinking and making merry with friends.

Speaking further on what he did wrong, she said that she asked him for the land documents but he started giving flimsy excuses and refused to give the papers to their mother because his sister who is abroad still owes her money. 

The woman has threatened to sue her brother and make sure he is prosecuted to the full extent of the law for betraying her.

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