Saturday 13 May 2023

Patient under sedation 'caught' doctor raping her during surgery'


Ayodele Joseph: accused of raping patient undergoing surgery in his hospital in Ilorin Kwara State

The police have explained how a nurse caught one Ayodele Joseph, the Medical Director of Ayodele Hospital in Sawmill Area in Ilorin, Kwara State, raping her while undergoing surgery despite the fact that she was sedated for the procedure.

Ayodele Joseph was paraded by the Kwara State Commissioner of Police, Paul Odama before journalists in Ilorin, over alleged rape of his patient, who is a nurse on Friday.

The doctor allegedly raped the nurse while he was operating on her in his hospital on May 5, 2023.

CP Odama explained how the nurse had set up her phone for the recording of the surgery procedure, but later discovered that the doctor had taken advantage of her unconsciousness because of the sedation to rape her.

Narrating the said episode, the police commissioner said: “On the 5th of May, one female victim (name withheld) a nurse reported that she went to Ayodele Hospital at No. 290, Sawmill Area, Lagos Road, Ilorin for surgery.

“The chief medical director of the hospital, one Dr Ayodele Joseph, during the procedure sedated the patient, which led her to become unconscious.

“Before the sedation, fearing any mishap, the patient activated her telephone and placed it in a vantage position to record the surgery unknown to the doctor.

“She woke up from sleep after the surgery to find herself fully naked and when viewing the recorded video, she discovered that Joseph had an unlawful sexual intercourse with her while under sedation,” he said.

The Police Commissioner said the video recording of the sexual action of the doctor is already in police custody.

According to him, the video recording was also corroborated by the medical examinations conducted on the victim.

“This same suspect had of recent been arraigned by the Police for the offences of criminal conspiracy, negligent conduct, causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others and culpable homicide arising from his unprofessional conduct.

“This resulted in the death of one Nneka Akanike in his hospital, under a questionable circumstance, which led to his being charged to court.

“He would be charged to court again for rape after conclusion of investigation,” Odama said.


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