Monday 26 June 2023

Cabals in Adeleke’s Government Takeover Appointments of Commissioners/SAs.... Igbalaye and Raji Disagree

The founder of Aaraj Group, Engr Kehinde Raji and the Secretary to the State Government, Hon. Teslim Igbalaye have disagreed over alleged relegation of the SSG’s office by some cabals.

Raji had via a post on his Facebook page on Saturday alleged that some cabals within the government had relegated Igbalaye and his office, thereby using the opportunity to work against the interest of Osogbo land.

The Governor Ademola Adeleke’s associate said he never regret working for the emergence of the Governor, saying Governor Adeleke has good intentions for the State.

He said: “Recently, a lot of revelations started unveiling, I will never till I die work against the interest of my people in Isale Osun and Osogbo at large. Some CABAL rose up to only consider their loyalists for virtually all positions. The SSG given to us in Osogbo was relegated to an unimaginable position never supported by the constitution, he looked helpless and couldn’t help nobody (sic). I used to fight him until I realised the powers against him are more than him (my opinion), I tried all possible efforts to speak to the powers that be with no response to my calls. I personally will never go and prostrate for rewards we are naturally entitled to anywhere, a lot of my followers are disturbed without any changes to several complaints, my demand is let MR SSG be accorded full respect of office. Reward party faithful that have genuinely worked for the Governors emergence and maintain fairness to all party faithfuls across the State in all ramifications.

“I believe the Government of Senator Ademola Adeleke will make everyone happy by the time the commissioners/SA list is released, many people thought my earlier post was about the list, its totally not, until the list is made official, I can’t and won’t allege falsely. Osogbo worked assiduously and others too, the Governor has started well and I believe he will end well after his 2nd term in office”.

Reacting to the comment by Raji on Sunday, Igbalaye said the allegations of marginalization of Osogbo and relegation of his office as baseless.

The SSG said Adeleke has been treating Osogbo as his second home, stating that the city has enjoyed great benefits since Adeleke took over.

He said, “I want to strongly reject the allegation as lacking any basis in truth or reality. Governor Ademola Adeleke has since assuming office treated Osogbo as his second home by attending to the infrastructural upgrade of the capital city from roads to water and light among others. Osogbo is receiving full gubernatorial attention for which our people are openly appreciative.

“It is equally false to posit that my office has been relegated by a cabal. There is no cabal in the state government and I wonder where Mr Raji got his false narration from. I remain an ever busy SSG who is handling many high profile state tasks and whose office is functioning fully in line with best practices.

“I see the write up by Mr Araj as a failed attempt to create a wedge between the people of Osogbo and the state government. Within such a short period of time, Osogbo has benefited substantially from the present government and it is unfair to falsify reality for cheap political gains.”

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