Friday 7 July 2023

Police arrest Lagos businessman ‘who posted ex-lovers’ nudes online’

The Lagos police command says it has arrested Amarah Kennedy, a businessman, who was accused of sharing his ex-lovers’ nude photos on social media platforms.

Benjamin Hundeyin, Lagos police spokesperson, announced the arrest of the businessman on Friday.

Hundeyin said the command has commenced an investigation into the allegations levelled against the suspect.


According to a report by Punch, Kennedy was accused by two single mothers of circulating their nude pictures on social media platforms.

One of the victims identified as Kester, who lost her husband some eight years ago in a car crash, started a relationship with the suspect in January 2023.

Kester and Kennedy met in a WhatsApp group for singles.

Kester told the newspaper that when the relationship started, Kennedy was showering her with gifts.

But after a disagreement, the suspect shared over 50 of her nude pictures which he secretly took as they made out in a hotel.

The mother of two said Kennedy demanded N100,000 as a condition to delete the pictures from his phone.

While he declined to wipe out the pictures, Kennedy allegedly asked for an additional N40,000 to delete them permanently.

Despite the payments, the suspect initially published the nude pictures on Facebook and later sent them to Kester’s late husband’s family members and his office.

The second victim, identified as Temi, said Kennedy usually had marathon sex with her in hotels under the influence of drugs.

Temi said she stopped talking to the suspect after she discovered that he was not serious about the relationship but only using her.

Owing to that, the suspect reportedly sent several nude pictures of Temi to her and demanded a refund of all the money he had spent in the relationship.

She said she had to borrow N15,000 to send to him.

However, the suspect started sharing the nude pictures on Facebook after the victim begged his sister for help

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