Friday 7 July 2023

TRAGEDY: Generator Fume Allegedly Kills Four, Two Hospitalized in Iree.... By Michael Obisesan


Tragedy sets in on Friday, July 7, 2023, after the people of Iree, Boripe local government of Osun State woke up to the incident of four people who reportedly died due to a generator fume servicing their residence while another two of them have been hospitalized.

The Incident was reported to have occurred around Yakoyo Area, a popular area where many Osun State Polytechnic students reside.

According to a report, two out of the dead are students of OSPOLY, while the victim's identities are yet to be revealed one of them was said to be a student of Business Administration, another belong to the Mass Communication department, while the other two deceased's are indigenes of the Iree Community. 

Our correspondent learnt that the deceased's were killed by the fume of the generator which serviced the residence where they had a pre-birthday party. 

The deceased's were said to have taken various intoxicants in felicitation for a pre-birthday party but forgot to lock the door of their room which was reportedly receiving fumes from the working generator. 

Also, a source revealed that the other two who have been hospitalized had also consumed intoxicants but managed to close their door which partially prevented the generator fumes from infiltrating their room. 

Another source who spoke to NEB correspondent affirmed that some of the students were identified to be from the KOKO campus of the institution. 

However, the Students Union Government and some of the institution officials have reportedly stepped out to take necessary actions. 

More details later...

Source: Namacos Iree (On Facebook)

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