Sunday 27 August 2023

Cultists Disrupt Funeral in Ogun

Gunmen believed to be cult members launched an attack during a burial ceremony in the Baga Eriyo region of Ogun State over the weekend, resulting in the shooting of a vigilante member.

The incident triggered panic as attendees scattered for safety, with several people sustaining injuries in addition to the injured vigilante.

The assault was allegedly orchestrated by a notorious cult leader named Scanley, who had been on the police’s wanted list.

He reportedly stormed the burial event alongside another gang member, James Schoolboy, before later bringing in over twenty additional members of their cult group.

Adekunle Enifeni, the vigilante member who was shot by the cult member, shared his account of the encounter.

He explained that he was shot while attempting to flee from the gang’s attack. Enifeni further revealed that Scanley, Schoolboy, No Salary, Spirit, Azeez Parapara, Ayewo, and others were already wanted for a previous incident involving the killing of another vigilante member in Fakale within the same community, where they took the victim’s severed hands.

Enifeni recounted, “We were conducting burial prayers for one of my deceased brothers in Baga Eriyo when the cultists arrived. Scanley and Schoolboy were the first to appear. The burial was proceeding well until Scanley started causing disruptions, and Schoolboy joined him.”

As the situation escalated, Enifeni called for police intervention, but Scanley’s behavior intensified, leading him to summon more gang members through phone calls. These reinforcements quickly arrived on motorcycles, engaging in indiscriminate shooting.

Realizing the danger, Enifeni sought refuge in the bushes, where he managed to escape the gunshots. He eventually found help from others who brought him to the Igode Police Station, where he received medical attention.

Enifeni noted, “The police had been searching for Scanley due to his involvement in numerous crimes across various areas. He is both a notorious criminal and a cult member. He was previously apprehended but was released by his godfather, Sir K, before facing prosecution.”

Enifeni also shared his involvement in the community’s security as requested by its Community Development Association (CDA) and Community Development Committee (CDC). He coordinated security efforts by collaborating with relevant agencies and authorities to establish a security unit in the area.

However, the tensions escalated when Scanley confronted Enifeni over the arrest of a fellow gang member for robbery. This led to the subsequent attack on Enifeni during the burial ceremony.

The Ogun State Police command’s spokesperson, Omolola Odutola, stated that she had not yet received an official report regarding the attack in the Ogun community

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