Sunday 3 September 2023

Guinea: the Prime Minister renovates his residence for more than 6 billion GNF (Traduction en langue française) "Le Premier ministre rénove sa résidence à plus de 6 milliards GNF"

The cost of renovating the Prime Minister's residence has been revealed. In a note he sent to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Moussa Cissé, on December 1, 2022, Dr. Bernard Goumou requested authorization to conclude a private contract with an estimated value of more than of six (6) billion Guinean francs for the renovation of his residence. This, just five months after his appointment as Prime Minister.

This exceptional request was made as part of the execution of renovation, development and equipment work on the Prime Minister's residence. In this, the subject of which is entitled “Recourse to direct agreement”, the Prime Minister himself explains: “As part of the execution of the contract relating to the renovation, development and equipment of the residence of the Prime Minister, the Prime Minister requests an exemption to conclude a private contract in accordance with the provisions of article 38 of the Public Procurement Code and paragraph 4 of article 11 of law L/020/2012 /CNT of October 11, 2012.”

To justify the request for recourse to this “derogation” procedure, the Prime Minister declares that he is basing himself on “the urgency linked to obtaining modern housing adapted to the rank of a Prime Minister, Head of Government, and compliant to safety standards”.

On December 7, 2022, the Minister of Economy, Finance and Planning approved the Prime Minister's request in these terms: “In view of the arguments put forward, this request is eligible (…) I notify you of my agreement for the use of the exceptional direct agreement procedure for the award of this contract, in accordance with article 39 of the Public Procurement Code. »

The exact amount of the renovation work was estimated at six billion, one hundred and seven million, nine hundred and sixty-four thousand, one hundred and ninety-two Guinean francs (6,107,964,192 GNF), with an expected execution time of three months. However, the only information that remains unknown is the company benefiting from this juicy market.

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