Thursday 14 September 2023

How Adeleke Carried His Lying Machine To House Of God In Lagos.... - Osun APC

The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the state Governor Ademola Adeleke of carrying his lying machine to the House of God in Lagos where he fraudulently credited some phoney projects as the achievements of his administration.

It would be recalled that Adeleke who was a guest together with the former President Olusegun Obasanjo at the 16th Harvest Anniversary and Thanksgiving Service held at Love of Christ Generation Church, C & S, Victoria Island, Lagos, last Sunday, freely engaged in reeling out some of the projects that are unknown to his administration and some that were done by his predecessor, former Governor Gboyega Oyetola (now Minister of Marine and Blue Economy).

It was this catalogue of both imaginary and his predecessor's projects that gratuitously earned Adeleke, the PDP governor, a praise from the elder statesman, Obasanjo, who commended him for combining active public service with dancing.

It became more worrisome when the figure-head governor told an irresponsible lie of his idle and directionless government building 'super overhead bridges to ease connectivity'.

In his remark, the Osun State APC chairman, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, in a statement issued by the party's Director of Media and Information, Chief Kola Olabisi, in Osogbo, the Osun State capital today, stated that it was a pity that Adeleke allowed himself to be carried away by the euphoria of the accolades showered on him by the former President when Adeleke himself knows that he is a caricature of what the former President took him to be and the only thing he deserves accolades for is dancing and not good governance.

Lawal stated that given the misleading projection Adeleke made of himself in the house of God, he is guilty of OBT, obtaining under false pretence what he neither earned nor deserved, in a desperate move to score political points.

Sooko Lawal disclosed that Adeleke, who is running his government by proxy through his female sibling, always engages in dancing in order to cover up his administrative and leadership inadequacies. 

In Lawal's words: "Those of us living in Osun State are quite aware of the fact that Governor Adeleke is a complete stranger to his administration as he vaguely knows what is going on therein.

"It is not an understatement to declare that Adeleke does not merit any accolades for any reasons as he is yet to prove his mettle that he has what it takes to successfully administer Osun State.

"One would have expected Governor Adeleke to be man and bold enough to tell the ex-President Obasanjo that the rehabilitation of the Osogbo-Ikirun road which his administration has been laying claim of having been completed within 100 days in office, was already  completed by 75 per cent  by the administration of former Governor Oyetola.

"One would have expected Governor Adeleke to be truthful enough to tell the former President that the establishment of the Ilesa University was one of the landmark achievements of the immediate-past governor of the state.

"It shouldn't have escaped the memory of Adeleke to tell Obasanjo that he sacked 2,500 teachers, 20, 000 O'YES Cadets and a legion of health workers on his arrival as governor.

"It was expected that Adeleke would have remembered to tell former President Obasanjo how he dabbled into the state obaship institution by mindlessly suspending three traditional rulers. 

"How did it escape the memory of Governor Adeleke to have told his co-guest at the church event that no fewer than 30 members of the APC were slaughtered like rams by the political hooligans loyal to the PDP to achieve the filthy victory for the governor and all other PDP candidates in the recent elections in the state?

"One would also have expected that Adeleke would have told Baba Obasanjo how he reneged to pay up the backlog of salaries and pensions owed to the state workers by the administration of former Governor Rauf Aregbesola, within six months of his administration, as promised during his campaign.

"Former President Obasanjo would have also shown interest in why the Adeleke administration has not held an inaugural state executive meeting since the inauguration of the council on July 19, 2023.

"One would have expected the dance-loving Governor Adeleke to disclose to ex-President Obasanjo why he has refused to disburse the N2 billion Federal Government fuel subsidy removal palliative for the people of the state over one month that it was paid to the state.

"It would have interested the ex-President Obasanjo to know why Governor Adeleke is yet to pay the November 2022 salaries of the political appointees of former Governor Oyetola despite the fact that the fund for such was appropriated by the former governor."

"The rice and borehole scandals that remain a memorable albatross to the administration of Governor Adeleke would have interested former President Obasanjo.

"The former President would also have loved to know why, for ten months running, Governor Adeleke, who has been operating from his sister's Boys' Quarters apartment in Ede, has refused to pack to the State Government House or function from the Governor's Office, Abere.

"For God sake, Governor Adeleke should stop the feckless lie about his government working on super overhead bridges as no such project(s) are anywhere in sight in the state.

"The way you deceived the people of the state in order to dishonestly harvest their votes is still fresh in the minds of the people of the state.

"There is nothing wrong in dancing but it becomes questionable and contemptible when a state executive governor is always dancing away his precious time when he is expected to give quality governance," the APC Chairman concluded.


Sooko TAJUDEEN LAWAL,                                    Chairman,                                                                 Osun State APC.

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