Thursday 21 September 2023


*With her economy in comatose!

* With the highest debt profile in history!

* With the failure of her economic cash cow, NNPCL to remit any revenue in years!

* With having to spend over 90% of her earnings on debt servicing!

* With her unenviable status of being crowned as the Capital of Poverty in the World!

* With the alarming unemployment in the land!

* With the increasing and looming threats of Climate Change!

* With the plundering of scarce foreign reserves by the CBN!

* With the frightening rate of economic-induced insecurity in the land !

* With the unabated Youths' Human Capital  flight, (Japa) from the land!

* With the NLC's agitation for urgently deserved wage increase and attendant financial demand on government purse!

With this worrisome and pitiable scenario Nigeria is passing through today, some Nigerians still have the mentality of seeing a government position and posting from the perspective of a DINING Room where tables are laid for meals and wine to be served for the consumption of seat holders! Alas, Nigeria no longer enjoys that luxury. 

The unfortunate mind-set and inordinate assumption of these voodoo Nigerians is that, NIGERIA'S KITCHEN was still functioning and producing food, and brewing wine. And that's why such Nigerians still see and smell juicy aroma in every government posting and their desire to throw in all influence in lobbying for posting to these seats. 

Nigerians unfortunately through their leaders over the years mirror appointments from the DINING perspective rather than the KITCHEN or service or production perspective. 

During the recent G-20 meeting in India, a statement of paradigm shift was made by President Bola Tinubu when he stated that Nigeria is not poor in Human Capital and Natural Resources but rather, our poverty is in Management and Leadership. 

If we are to align with the President's statement, we would ALL need to shift focus and attention away from the DINING and now concentrate our focus and energy in the KITCHEN to go and cook for all Nigerians to feed fat.

Mr President has through this comment which informed his decision to run for the Presidency shown boldness, courage, and political will to change our priority from Consumption first before Production to Production first before Consumption!

In short, this development is nothing short of declaration of ECONOMIC WAR by Mr President.  We must fight this Economic to enable us to win our Political Stability and regain our Socioeconomic Independence. 

What does the Economic War entails?

* It means creating sustainable employment 

* It means blocking all the financial resources leakages 

* It means 'baking' more revenue and earnings to service our development 

* It means thinking outside the box to attract more investments to the country 

* It means stabilising our currency 

* It means shoring up our foreign reserves 

* It means dethroning Nigeria from being the Capital of Poverty in the World 

* It means working in the KITCHEN rather SITTING IN THE DINING!

If per adventure, President Tinubu has decided to saddle the Yorubas with the labour of working in the KITCHEN to bake the revenue that will be shared (consumed) by the entire 36  States (plus FCT) and 774 LGAs in the country, then I pity the Yorubas.

Two, if the Yorubas that were marginalised when the DINING Room was full of bread and wine is now being assigned to go back to the KITCHEN to cook, bake, and produce the revenues to stock the empty DINING Room again, then I pity the Yorubas!

Three, if it is the turn of Yoruba again, with what President Obasanjo did in zerorising our National Debt in office, to be given the herculean task under President Bola Tinubu through his economic team to work and zerorise the Debt Hill that has subjected the country to International ridicule, then I pity the Yorubas!

Four, if someone could make efforts to look at the shinning black hairs of the majority of the members of President Tinubu's economic team today, and compare them in a few years with what is likely to be, stress-induced grey hair arising from working and sleeping in the KITCHEN, then I pity the Yorubas!

Finally, time will certainly tell if these Yorubas will be appreciated and recognised for tasking their mental intellect, which was acquired from decades of human capital development and investment in tackling the daunting economic challenges for a sustainable and transformed economy. 

Will the Yorubas ever be fairly and justifiably rewarded when the DINING Room is full again of bread and wine? I pity the labourer Yorubas in the KITCHEN!


Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi 

The Asiwaju of Ijesaland, 

Oke Baba Okuta Villa, Ilesa. 

21st September, 2023.

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