Monday 25 September 2023

Will Supreme Court Fire Incident Affect Presidential Election.Petition?...Apex Court's PRO Reacts

The Public Relations Officer of the Supreme Court, Festus Akande, has assured that the recent fire incident at a wing of the Supreme Court complex in Abuja will not affect the presidential election petition.

During an interview on Arise TV, Akande emphasised that the fire incident would not impact the court proceedings in any way.

The incident, which occurred on Monday morning, affected a chamber equipped with computers, equipment, and a functional library used by a justice occupying the chamber.


However, Akande clarified that it was only the books and computer equipment that were affected, and they were replaceable.

He attributed the incident to an electrical fault, stating that it was not related to the court proceedings and could happen anywhere due to daily occurrences.

In his words, “As a matter of fact, there’s no single connection, and it won’t affect anything in the court.

“This incident occurred in a chamber equipped with a computer and other equipment, as well as a functional library used by any justice occupying such chamber.

Akande added, “The only thing that was affected was the books and computer equipment in the chamber. Even the books are replaceable.

“Also, it has nothing to do with it because it was from an electrical fault, which could happen anywhere, and there are things that happen daily”, he concluded

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