Monday 27 November 2023

Groom guns down bride, others on wedding day

A Thai physically challenged athlete and former soldier on Saturday shot his bride and three others before killing himself on his wedding day. 

According to a report by the BBC on Monday, the wedding ceremony between Chaturong Suksuk, 29, and Kanchana Pachunthuek, 44, took place in northeast Thailand. 

The BBC, while citing information obtained from the Thai Police, said Mr Suksuk left the wedding party abruptly and returned with a gun, shooting his wife, her 62-year-old mother and 38-year-old sister. 

According to the report, stray bullets hit two guests, who were taken to hospital. One of them died.

“Chaturong was quite intoxicated at the time,” but his motive remains unclear. He had bought the gun and ammunition legally last year, the police informed the BBC. 

Also citing media reports, the outlet stated that guests at the party told the police that the couple had an argument during the party. 

It also reported that Mr Suksuk had felt insecure about the age gap between him and Ms Pachunthuek. But police said this was still speculation, adding that they had collected evidence and expected to close the case “soon”. 

According to the BBC, it was reported that Mr Suksuk and Ms Pachunthuek had lived together for three years before getting married.

In swimming, Mr Suksuk won a silver medal in the ASEAN Para Games in Indonesia the previous year. He was reportedly rumoured to be among the athletes competing in Thailand the following month at the World Ability Sport Games. 

Mr Suksuk lost his right leg while serving with the paramilitary light infantry squad that guards Thailand’s borders. 

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