Sunday 17 December 2023

Iwo Day: Embrace Indigenous Culture for Unity, Oyetola’s Associate, Omo Igboya urges...... _Distributes Free Fuel to Okada Riders_

Ogbeni Yakubu Atanda, a former chairmanship aspirant within the All Progressives Congress (APC), has urged the people of Iwo to embrace their indigenous culture and traditions as a means to foster unity and maintain peace in the ancient town.

Speaking during the 32nd Iwo Day Celebration, Atanda, popularly known as Omo Igboya, highlighted the significance of preserving and honouring Iwo’s cultural heritage, emphasizing its role in building identity and cohesion within the community.

Atanda stressed that the indigenous culture and traditions are fundamental to the town’s identity and play a crucial role in sustaining peace, unity, and progress, especially in the realm of politics.

He also emphasized the essential role of the youth in strengthening the unity of the ancient town.

The former chairmanship aspirant called on the younger generation to actively participate in initiatives promoting unity, understanding, and collaboration, fostering a more cohesive and harmonious community.

Atanda said, “Our indigenous culture and traditions are the bedrock of our identity as Iwo indigenes. It is crucial that we uphold and cherish these values for a more peaceful and unified community. I urge our youths to take the lead in fostering unity among us, for together, we can strengthen our town.”

To mark the 32nd Iwo Day celebration, Atanda distributed free fuel to around a hundred commercial motorcyclists, known as Okada riders, in Iwo.

This initiative aimed to alleviate the impact of the recent subsidy removal.

Atanda expressed gratitude to his political mentor, former Commissioner for Works and Transport, Engr. Remi Omowaiye, for the support that made the initiative possible.

Engr. Azeez Oladayo, addressing the gathering of motorcyclists, commended Omo Igboya’s thoughtful contribution, emphasizing the importance of supporting Okada riders during challenging times.

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