Thursday 21 March 2024


Traditional rulers, leaders and other stakeholders in Ijesaland have urged the Osun State Government to expedite action on stopping the fulani herdsmen and illegal miners from invading the University of Ilesa campus.

They spoke at a security summit organized by the stakeholders in Ijesaland, held at Oba Gabriel Adekunle Aromolaran Civic Centre, Ilesa on Wednesday, 20th March, 2024.

The security meeting was attended by the Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi, Asiwaju of Ijesaland, traditional rulers, high chiefs and community leaders in Ijesaland, the Institution’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Taiwo Asaolu, security operatives, women groups, transport union, market leaders, local government chairmen, among others.

The Asiwaju of Ijesaland, Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi called the attention of other stakeholders that the invasion of fulani herdsmen and illegal miners are the two challenges confronting the institution. 

He added that cattle grazing is now threatening the peace of the University of Ilesa, which took them over 44 years before getting approval from the State government. He further informed the stakeholders at the meeting the efforts of the university to bring a solution to the matter to avoid clashes in the institution. Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi also expressed displeasure over the illegal mining taking place at the university campus. He made reference to explosion that occurred in Ibadan in January, 2024 as a result of illegal mining activities. 

While speaking on the situation, the Vice Chancellor of University of Ilesa, Prof. Taiwo Asaolu said that cattle grazing and illegal mining were perennial problems inherited by the school.

Some traditional rulers and high chiefs in Ijesaland including Elegboro of Ijebu Jesa, Oba Moses Olufemi Agunsoye, Ogboni of Ipole, Oba Oyeleye Omokehinde, High Chief Fatoye Olaloye, Arojo of Ilesa, Lisa of Ijamo, High Chief Oladayo Oginni lamented over the invasion of cattle herders and illegal mining on the University of Ilesa Campus, making the campus unconducive following security threat to students and staffs. 

The traditional rulers and high chiefs expressed that it is imperative to engage and dialogue with the herders and miners to stop grazing their cattle and illegal mining activities on University of Ilesa premises. 

Also at the meeting was the Yeyerise of Ilesa, Chief (Mrs) Hannah Ojo Omobolanle, who decried the activities of herders and miners on University of Ilesa Campus. She expressed that students’ life should not be subjected to danger and threat by allowing fulani to graze their cattle on University campus. She added that on the illegal mining in Ijesaland, most of the traditional rulers especially in Atakumosa East and Atakumosa West have sold their birth right for money. She reiterated that they have collected money from illegal miners to allow them access our land for mining activities, without any good benefits for the indigents.

Seriki Hausa who was also an attendee expressed his unhappiness over the tension caused by cattle grazing on the University campus. He noted that most of the cattle are not owned by the fulanis. He promised to liaise with Seriki fulani to restrain cattle from grazing on the University premises and also reach out to the cattle owner as well.

While speaking on this, Chief Afolabi Igbaroola said that the cattle herders and miners have received the support of traditional rulers and miners, and there is need to thrash out both issues with them.

A representative of Okada rider, who also attended the meeting noted that the cattle are not owned by the herders but they are owned by the some of the traditional rulers, high chiefs, and politicians in the state.

A representative of Area Commander, Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Ilesa, CSP Olugbenga Ajiboye, and representative of Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Mr Ponle Kayode suggested that government should be made aware of the situations and the need to curb the incidents of cattle grazing and illegal mining on University of Ilesa campus. 

It was also advised that registration and profile of all miners and cattle herders residing in all communities in Ijesaland should be on record. In their own contribution, the Chairman of Ilesa West Central, Mr. Wahab Arewa and Mr. Alade Ibironke, Chairman of Ilesa North East noted that Osun State government is aware of both situations and have set up a security committee to work on the matter to prevent any menace on the University of Ilesa campus. In the interim, both local government chairmen advised that the traditional institution has power to stop any cattle grazing and mining activities

Other speakers at the security summit, High Chief Busuyi Gbadamosi, Odole of Ilesa, Obanla of Ilesa, High Chief Ibitoye Adeniyi, expressed that there will be a meeting with all traditional rulers in Ijesaland, and also look for a way to support Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi through the use of radio and other news media by saying NO TO CATTLE GRAZING AND MINING ON OUR UNIVERSITY OF ILESA CAMPUS.

The Vice Chancellor informed the stakeholders that prior to this time, the following steps have been taken by the management of the institution:

i. Engagement of the state surveyor general to establish University boundaries

ii. Area Commander has been invited into the school to see the cattle grazing and mining activities in the school

iii. Observation that mineral exploration lies on the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Resolutions at the meeting

Establishment of park rangers within the University to monitor strangers in the vicinity

Setting up of delegates to go to the University for site visits

Cattle grazing should be banned on the University of Ilesa campus

Mining should be banned on the University of Ilesa campus




1. Asiwaju Yinka Fasuyi

2. Oba Moses Olufemi Agunsoye

3. Oba Oyeleye Omokehinde

4. High Chief Ibitoye Adeniyi

5. High Chief Saka Fapohunda

6. High Chief Busuyi Gbadamosi

7. High Chief Adebola Olorungbagbe

8. Prof. Taiwo Asaolu

9. Chief (Mrs) Hannah Ojo Omobolanle

10. Chief Afolabi Igbaroola

11. Arojo of Ilesa

12. CSP Gbenga Ajiboye (Rep of the Area Commander, NPF)

13. Mr. Ponle Kayode ( Rep of Civil Defence Corps)

14. Mr Oluwagbemiga

15. Seriki Hausawa

16. SF Are Hakeem (Rep of Fire Service)

17. Tobalase of Ijesaland

18. Chief Isreal Bamowa (Leader of Omode Owa)

19. Hon. Wahab Arewa (LGA Chairman, Ilesa West Central)

20. Hon. Funso Ogedengbe (LGA Chairman, Ilesa North East)

21. Rep of Eze Ndigbo of Ijesaland

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