Saturday 9 March 2024

Why Adeleke's Conference Room-appointed Impostor Owa Of Igbajo Cannot Stand-- - Osun APC ...Warns Him Not To Set Iree, Igbajo On War Path

The Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has accused the incumbent Peoples Democratic Party's (PDP) state Governor Ademola Adeleke of needlessly promoting crisis in Igbajo and Iree by tinkering with the choice of the legally installed monarchs of the two towns, Oba Phillips Adegboyega Famodun, the Owa of Igbajo and Oba Raphael Oluponle of Iree, according to the tradition and custom of the two communities.

Specifically, the party noted that when the Adeleke-led government met a stumbling block in rallying the support of the authentic kingmakers of Igbajo to do the hatchet job of the illegal re-selection of another Owa of Igbajo, it resulted to the recruitment of five non-indigenes of the town on Friday who were instantly appointed one-day warrant chiefs for a gratification of N250,000K each just for them to pose as kingmakers at the Multi-purpose Conference Hall of the Local Government Service Commission, State Secretariat, Abere, Osun State, to elect a new Owa of Igbajo.

At the end of the illegal re-selection exercise, one Prince(Dr) Ademola Makinde, a known crony of the Adelekes and an apologist of the PDP, was fraudulently and controversially re-selected as the Adeleke new Owa of Igbajo.

In his remark on the bizarre development, the Osun State APC chairman, Sooko Tajudeen Lawal, in a statement issued by the party's Director of Media and Information, Chief Kola Olabisi, today, said the unsavoury development smacked of desecration of the culture and custom of the ancient town of Igbajoland.

Lawal pointedly stated that it was unfortunate that Osun State with the level of her advancement in education could be experiencing this type of shame that Governor Adeleke is bringing on to the people of the state by this time in the history of this nation.

He protested that the founding fathers of the state and Allah would not forgive those who foisted a registered liability in the person of Adeleke as the state governor on Osun State.

Lawal told Adeleke and his co-travellers that they are quite aware that the illegality woven together in a form of political vendetta against the authentic Oba Phillips Adegboyega Famodun, the Owa of Igbajoland and Oba Raphael Oluponle of Iree, cannot stand as it cannot withstand the legal fireworks which was the reason their illegal re-selection process was rushed because the state courts shut by Adeleke for four months by proxy are reopening on Monday.

In the state APC chairman's words: "If it is the Igbo background that is working against the mastery of Yoruba culture and custom by Governor Adeleke, one would have expected his retinue of aides to guide him aright that the executive cannot assume the position of the judiciary.

"Is Adeleke not aware that the state government is a defendant in the Igbajo and Iree Obaship conundrum in the courts of competent jurisdiction?

"When has it become a norm for the government to reselect a monarch for a community in the Governor's Office and make use of urchins and impostors who are not even from such a community as one-day warrant chiefs?

"How can such an impostor monarch who emerges from such an illegal arrangement earn and command the respect of the people who did not have an input in his illegal re-selection?

"It is a pity that Makinde allowed himself to be a willing tool in the hands of disgruntled political actors who are only interested in throwing the hitherto peaceful Igbajo community into avoidable turmoil.

"How much success does Makinde think he can make in the ancient town of Igbajo as an imposed Owa who can neither sit nor fly?

"What does Makinde want history to say about him and his co-travellers for attracting confusion, violence and schism into his place of birth because of a mere desperation to become an Oba which cannot and will not fly?

"Enough of the ridiculing of all Osun traditional and academic institutions by the kick-and-start Governor Adeleke out of his lack of grasp of anything in governance, management even rationality.

"We have witnessed a lot of commotions and anomalies in the State of the Virtuous since Adeleke came into the saddle in the state Judiciary, State Polytechnics, State Colleges of Education, royal palaces etc and are still counting.

"One fact remains that Oba Phillips Adegboyega Famodun remains the Owa of Igbajoland as he was duly selected by the people through their kingmakers and ratified by the state government, legally installed and given a staff of office after he had completed the necessary traditional rites while the traditional stakeholders in the ancient town had stated that it is a taboo for them to perform another series of traditional rites for another person when the substantive monarch is very much alive.

"We are appealing to the peace-loving people of Igbajo not to take the laws into their hands but to continue to put their hope and expectation in the hand of God and supremacy of the rule of law which has been the pillar of strength of every reasonable and responsible community", Lawal counselled.

He also described the drama in Iree, where  their newly imposed Oba, 

Prince Muritala Oyelakin, broke into the seclusion and forced his way in against the wish of the custodian of the area.

"The whole world must be alert to the fact that Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun appears to be on the loose. But we want to caution him not to precipitate crises in Igbajo and Iree.

"One only knows the beginning of an affliction, especially when one ignites it, but no one can predict those that will survive it," the APC chairman added.


Sooko TAJUDEEN LAWAL,                        Chairman, Osun State APC.                                          

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