Wednesday 8 May 2024



Prince Abiodun Lufadeju 

The department of Music Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife has established a collaboration with Prince Abiodun Lufadeju- the composer and producer of the Ijesa National Anthem.  

Prince Lufadeju on a recent courtesy visit to the OAU department of Music  met with the the Head of Department Dr. Abiodun and other key personnel of the department. 

The collaboration is to effect the gown and town concept with additional exposure and opportunity for students  to have more experience beyond the institution. 

The Head of Department of Music Dr. Femi Abiodun expressed hope that the collaboration will be beneficial to staff and students of the University, and lay a good foundation for the town and gown relationship.

PICTURE: Standing from left is Mr. Goke Afe, Dr. Femi Abiodun (HOD), Prince Abiodun Lufadeju (the Visitor), Dr Victor Ajayi, Dr. Bosun Adekogbe and Mr. Tayo Omosilade.

VIDEO: Prince Abiodun Lufadeju directs singing of Ijesa anthem at an occasion 

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