Wednesday 19 June 2024

Celebrating birthday lover birds as Ojarotades add another year.....By Oladimeji Lasore

His Royal Majesty Oba (Dr) Ojarotade Adewale, Alaa of Ilaa-Ijesa, Atakumosa West local government, Osun state and his Olori Kehinde Olayemi Ojarotade are popular couple that nearly shared the same birthday as they have birthdays that are one day away from each other, so expectedly they celebrate their birthdays together as a couple.

I was just wondering about what can bring couple that share the same birthday together, as in what is the possibility of dating someone with the same date of birth? Do you start searching for someone sharing your birthday or does one fall in love first before realizing?

Interestingly, it is entirely possible for two people who share the same birth date to date each other. In fact, for the Ojarotades this has created a unique bond and special aspect of the couple's connection.

So, at KAKAKIOODUA, we put this together to celebrate this unique couple as they add another year.

Happy birthday sir!

Happy birthday ma!!

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